Protect your motorcycle against a fall with a crash bar from Hepco & Becker. Your expensive property can be better protected, Hepco & Becker has years of experience in the development and manufacture of chrash bars for the motorbike. The crash bars are available in different versions for the protection of the engine block, tank, headlight or for the riding school motorbikes where they protect the entire motorcycle.

For the allroad motorcycle, Hepco & Becker also has the skid plate protection, this also protect the engine block from below. Photos below clarify the story. If we protect the entire motorcycle from all doom, the headlight can not be missing, as you will find the headlight grills.

Via the links / images below you can access the website of KGL Racing, this is an official Hepco & Becker dealer. You will also immediately find the prices and can also order the articles online.

tank chrash bar protection from Hepco&Becker
engine chrash bar protection from Hepco&Becker
Crash bar for engine